Mission & Vision


Company’s mission is to maximize the utility derived by its customers through their association with the company, in a manner that reflects high ethical standards and accountability, and adds value to the wealth of the nation. Management is aiming to grow with a healthy and diversified portfolio and believes that each of Company’s activities must provide satisfaction to the customers, as also to the employees and add to shareholders’ value.


To become the market leader incase of capital investment with motivated work team, innovative ideas, quality and continuous strong revenue based product portfolio with diversified risk and customers' satisfaction.


We focus on making relationships with good clients, financiers and to make plan for long-term perspective and design our policy for clarity, responsibility and accountability.


Fareast Fareast management is committed to develop sense of belongingness of all members of the team towards the institution and full participation in quality improvement activities. Management will ensure all activities through documented quality management system in every phase of decision-making and services.

Simultaneously, Fareast management is also committed to satisfy customers' need through quality and prompt service by a trained and motivated team of professionals.

Fareast management also undertakes to make appropriate review, evaluation and performance measurement of its operation to ensure compliance with quality and prompt service.