Activity Area

Activity Area

Fareast management feels for what a client feel to make his life style more comfortable, convenient and peaceful. To come closer to client's feeling, FFIL do not believe to restrict his ideas and new thinking.

The company concentrates its activities in extending finance facilities in the form of leasing, term financing, import financing, working capital financing, work order financing, lease syndications and sale and lease back financing for business expansions.

The company eventually will seek to broaden its leasing and financing services by entering into vendor programs with asset suppliers, underwriters, brokers, leveraged leases and temporarily financed assets.

The company may extend guarantees for lease/finance obligations to other institutions/companies subject to the Laws and Rules of the Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh.

The company extends lease finance for all types of machinery, equipment, household durables including vehicle for the purpose of industrial, commercial and personal use in Bangladesh and also term finance to its clients within the purview of the Law.